The Only Reason To Have Kids Is To Hilariously Torture Them. Kinda Like These 23 Parents…LOL.

Deciding to be a parent is a very serious commitment. Once you have a child, you must commit the rest of your life to raising that child… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some serious fun. Take these parents, for instance. They know how to raise their children to be responsible, kind adults. They also know to have a good time by hilariously torturing them from time to time.

The parents that blackmailed their toddler

The parents that bought this awesome cake

The parents that thought of this awesome name for their daughter

The parents that thought of this awesome punishment

The parents that took this awesomely timed photo

The parents who used puns to their advantage

The parents that took awesome Thanksgiving photos for their kids

The parents that made shopping memorable

The parents that bought their son this awesome sweater

The parents who found a clever way to sound proof their head board

The parents that made their son’s senior picture awesome

The parent that wrote this awesome article

The parents that made their son’s graduation party extremely memorable

The parents that wrote this great letter from Santa

The parents that copied their kids’ selfies

The parents that let their kids have fun on the farm

The parents that took very incriminating photo

The parents that photo-bombed their daughter’s prom pictures…

The parents that have no problems playing favorites

The parents who generously went school clothes shopping for their son

The parents who scared the crap out of their daughter’s date

The parents that prevented their kids from sneaking out with the car

I didn’t want to have kids before seeing these pictures, but now I’m convinced it’d be awesome.

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