This Is The Most Unnecessarily Awesome Corkscrew You’ll Ever See — So Cool!

What happens when you bolt together nearly a ton of scrap metal, a dozen cogs of various sizes, several chains, a bunch of springs, a couple of cannonballs, and a bell? Well, you get a contraption resembling something right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory…a machine with one purpose — to solve a problem that didn’t really exist in the first place.

Witness the power of the Rob Higgs corkscrew. It’s a massive machine that, with the continuous turning of a handle, opens your favorite bottle of wine and then lets gravity take over to pour a glass. Cheers!


That was super fun to watch. I didn’t realize this before, but I’d been waiting my whole life for wine and steampunk to collide.

Want to see how this contraption was made? Watch this video of the creator discussing his process!

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