Zimmerman critics: ‘he’s lying though his teeth’


George Zimmerman may have hoped to win over some of his critics tonight in his interview with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel. But judging by the skeptical reaction among some Twitter users, it seems clear that Zimmerman has his work cut out for him:

Zimmerman is lying through this interview… Sigh

— Sandrine Charles (@sandrinecharles) July 19, 2012


George Zimmerman is such a lying fuck.

— bill buttlicker (@swxft1989) July 19, 2012


@Dtermined910: Zimmerman on Fox News lying, but what what you expect its FOX news” this shit CRAY!!!

— SherrisRochelle (@rissipiecie) July 19, 2012


Dear George Zimmerman, my spirit tells me you're lying!

— Olivia Nope (@Ladi_of_Faith) July 19, 2012

Yeah I'm pissed! Zimmerman is a f**king liar! He already killed the kid, so tf is he lying for now?!

— Young Syd (@LittleBit_Much) July 19, 2012

I'm getting mad all over again…. Zimmerman is a liar.. a bad liar. This interview is Terrible. I hope Trayvon parents aren't watching this

— Fairy Thot Mother (@balleralert) July 19, 2012

This dude Zimmerman is lying through his teeth!

— C.O.H. (@ProfessionalC_) July 19, 2012

This George Zimmerman interview is wild he's so full of it! just a liar

— Amariell Ramsey (@MissAmariell) July 19, 2012

even stevie wonder can see that Zimmerman is lying his azz off on Hannity.

— Jacqueline Lawson (@jacquelinlawson) July 19, 2012

Zimmerman is such a liar. He changed his story like 3 times

— Qué Será…..Será (@JustChristine1) July 19, 2012

George Zimmerman is LYING!!!!!!! Fool gon say he didn't want anyone to hear him say his address in HIS neighborhood!! SMH GTFOH!

— Gilley (@sdotgilley) July 19, 2012

Zimmerman is a liar

— Queen Jac (@JackiOssassin) July 19, 2012

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