You’re not alone: Many TweetDeck users reporting strange password request!/BryanDFischer/status/277184259326885888

TweetDeck users, it’s not just you. Many users of the popular Twitter client (including several of us at Twitchy) are reporting that the application is telling them, sometimes over and over, that their Twitter credentials have changed and they need to re-enter their passwords. Others report missing columns once their password is eventually accepted.

Anyone else using tweetdeck getting requests for ‘new password’?

— Linda Salter (@sagedoc) December 8, 2012

I just got a weird popup on Tweetdeck and I am not sure if its a scam. Saying my access token revoked and to type my password

— Opinionated Catholic (@Opinionatedcath) December 7, 2012

Has anyone been prompted inside Tweetdeck w/ message that your ‘credentials have been revoked’ before?

— Dos Mas Cervezas (@DosMasCervezas) December 7, 2012

@biblecat @upinthehills @dudgeohpolitics Thanks. TweetDeck suddenly started telling me my token had been recycled or password changed.

— Tom Reynolds (@Beregond) December 7, 2012

I think my @tweetdeck has died. Out of no where it says token is revoked or my password changed. Neither happened. Now lists won’t show.

— ksattler (@ksattler) December 7, 2012

Anyone else using Tweetdeck & getting messages that your Twitter credentials have changed & you need to type in new password? What gives?

— Marlene Montooth (@mampdx) December 7, 2012

@sagedoc I had tweetdeck asking me for a password a week or two ago. I just exited the app. and reopened because I didn’t trust it.

— RLMiller (@RL_Miller) December 8, 2012

Anyone else having trouble with @tweetdeck? It says my credentials have changed, but I have no problems logging in at

— Rich Brooks (@therichbrooks) December 7, 2012

Tweetdeck is screwing up, asking for password as my certificate revoked. Anybody else? Won’t update lists but All Friends & Mentions okay?

— James Mitchell (@jamieharbor) December 7, 2012

not sure if tweetdeck is trippin’ or is it just Friday

— John Philips Nufable (@nufable_jp) December 8, 2012

This is the latest tweet from TweetDeck, so there’s no official word of a fix from the developers yet.

We’ve just updated our Web & Chrome apps, mainly bug fixes but also hit ‘a’ to add a new column. Please restart/refresh browser to update.

— TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) December 5, 2012

Some say that the problem eventually clears itself up.

yay! @twitter has removed its boot from the throat of my Tweetdeck. all is right in my 140-character world again. #NippedItInTheBud

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) December 7, 2012

Since I started tweeting abt strange tweetdeck messages I’m not getting any more strange messages … which 1 of U is doing it? #paranoid

— Linda Salter (@sagedoc) December 8, 2012

Twitchy will keep monitoring for a definitive fix, but for now, our best advice is to be patient and know that it’s not just you.


Many TweetDeck users are still experiencing frustration on Saturday morning.

Anyone else having issues w/TweetDeck? Keeps showing “Credentials have change” message & asking for password–over & over. #satchat

— Nancy Blair (@blairteach) December 8, 2012

omg tweetdeck keep asking for my credentials every minute OTL and i can’t update from there ;;

— gigiepants (@haetongue) December 8, 2012

‘Twitter credentials have changed’? No they haven’t, TweetDeck.

— . (@RussellVox) December 8, 2012

Tweetdeck keeps blathering about my access token being revoked because my password has changedNo it hasn’t! I’m not the only one it seems.

— Pat Winfield (@PatBookworm) December 8, 2012

@tweetdeck My Mac app prompts my password endlessly – typed it 10 times already and can’t proceed. Any advice? I’ve rebooted.

— Hanne Klintøe (@hanneklintoe) December 8, 2012

Still no word from TweetDeck on what’s causing the problem, and more importantly, how it can be fixed.

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