You’re a ’90s kid if…!/whereisMARC/status/205352124152950785

#yourea90skidif you remember when it was worth getting up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

— The 90s Life (@The90sLife) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you used to blow into your nintendo games because that was the only way to get them to work..

— Bitch please ♚ (@ItsThingsInLife) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif You grew up with Harry Potter.

— The Boy Who Lived ϟ (@HalfBloodTweet) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you had a gigapet, tamagotchi or a nano pet

— Tecato (@rickstayslick) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you watched Ren and Stimpy.

— Will Cummings (@ItsCaptainDisco) May 23, 2012

#YoureA90sKidIf the entire ceiling of your bedroom was covered in glow in the dark stars

— Yakko (@Mattimous) May 23, 2012

#YoureA90sKidIf you remember there being less than 100 channels on tv

— Yakko (@Mattimous) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif You remember the magic school bus

— @BoyTeezy PROMO (@TeezyPROMO) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you wore the light up shoes! Those were badass.

— (@JoshHolder__) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you collected pokemon cards.

— Ash Ketchum (@AshKetchum151) May 23, 2012

#YoureA90sKidIf You know the names of the Teletubbies by heart.

— Frodo Baggins (@PikaChulita) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you had water fights in the summer with the super soakers

— Derron Browning (@Tru_Individual) May 23, 2012

#yourea90skidif you played with hot wheels,barbie or an easy bake oven

— tokyo (@TokyoBombshell) May 23, 2012

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