Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Are Much Dirtier Than You Remember. MY EYES.

Childhood cartoons hold a special place in our hearts, and for good reason. They’re some of our earliest memories and they teach us important life lessons; that’s how we rationalize how much TV we watched as kids. Still, when you grow up, your favorite old school cartoons don’t always age well. Mostly what you find re-watching them are crazy inappropriate sexual connotations. It’s pretty bizarre. Makes you question a lot of things. So many things. Here are some of the finest examples that will have you questioning everything you did as a kid after watching cartoons.

1.) Truth.

2.) Now I know why Eeyore is always sad…

3.) Disturbing on too many levels.

4.) Just regular teenage boys.

5.) What the hell was going on in there?

6.) Something is about to happen.

7.) Google it. I dare you.

8.) Having fun with friends.

9.) Ms. Finster enjoying herself.

10.) That should not be white.

11.) Care Bears administering the care.

12.) So clever.

13.) Donald you shouldn’t be touching that.

14.) Spongebob is blowing up a condom version of Squidward.

15.) Yep.

16.) When Buzz Lightyear got a boner.

17.) Remember people, this was a children’s show.

18.) Grandpa is into some freaky stuff.

19.) The Teletubbies are just straight up perverts.

20.) I never realized this until just now.

21.) “Oh my.” – George Takei.

I hope I’m just reading this out of context.

23.) Why Disney, why?!

24.) The Powerpuff Girls had it figured out early.

25.) Papa Bear is secretly a big racist.

26.) And just like that Nickelodeon introduced a whole generation of children to masturbation.

27.) Let’s teach the kids about objectifying women.

27.) Rocko’s Modern Life was a messed up show.

28.) What in the actual hell?

29.) When wrestling turns inappropriate.

30.) How did this ever get on TV?

31.) Ooo. That’s awkward.

32.) The advent of twerking.

33.) Where was her face?

34.) Pretty self explanatory.

35.) It’s like they’re not even trying to be subtle.

36.) I suppose it’s science, but still eww.

37.) Tom and Jerry, wtf?

38.) There are no words.

39.) Ren and Stimpy at their finest.

40.) A real truth.

Lies. So many lies. Make sure to share this one with your friends by clicking below.

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