Your Backyard Is Not Complete Without These Amazing Products.

Kids still bugging you to take them somewhere fun this summer? Lucky for you, the perfect vacation spot can be conveniently located right in your backyard! Who needs Disneyworld when you can project your favorite movie on a Mickey Mouse-inspired screen after a long day full of bumper-floaties, bouncy Twister, and refreshing beverages. Take a look at all the goodies you can grab to turn your home into the happiest place on earth.

1. Keep your drinks fresh in this floating cooler.

2. And keep them handy in this floating cup-holder.

3. Relax with with a floatie that fits all your friends.

4. Break out a game of poker in the pool with this floating card table.

5. Bring bumper cars to the water with these extra fun floaties.

6. Pump up the summer jams with this waterproof floating speaker.

7. Work on your short game without worrying about sand traps.

8. Upgrade your old slip’n’slide with some more ferocious fun.

9. Keep everything illuminated with these glowing globes.

10. Relax like they did in the days of old with a wood burning jacuzzi.

11. Don’t forget about Sparky! He needs to stay cool, too.

12. Channel John Travolta (or Jake Gyllenhaal if you’re more into the remake) with this bubble-boy approved tent.

13. Go ahead and invite all your Facebook friends over with an enormous inflatable seating option.

14. Or try this more compact and multi-functional table.

15. Project your favorite flick on this Disney-themed inflatable screen. (We won’t tattle if you watch a Dreamworks movie on it.)

16. Chillax with friends on this mega-hammock.

17. Take a nap on a cozy porch swing bed.

18. Or rock out on this bed instead.

19. Take Twister to a new level with this bouncy backyard version.

20. Tuck your trampoline in the ground for safer jump-ability.

21. Or you could turn it into the coolest tent ever.

22. Keep connected with a solar-charging table.

23. Build your own outdoor game of Scrabble.

24. Create a colorful climbing adventure for the little ones.

25. Or for the more adventurous tykes, install this mini-zipline.

(via Mashable and BuzzFeed) Not even Cinderella’s castle can beat this backyard. Share all the summer fun with your friends using the button below!

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