You, Too, Can Have A Lego Oscar


1. In case you missed it, last night Oprah won* the Oscar for Best Performance as a Deity Impersonating a Human Being.

ABC / Via

*JK, she got this fake Lego Oscar for shits and gigs during the “Everything Is Awesome” performance.

2. And though Emma Stone didn’t take home a real statue, she too was awarded this superior Lego version.

ABC / Via

If those Legos could talk…

3. Now, you can DIY your own Oscar out of awesomeness and Legos!

4. Did you catch that?

Warner Bros.

5. Let’s slow it down…

6. The secret is glue! So Oprah doesn’t shatter your handiwork in her excitement.

7. Nathan Sawaya, the artist behind these brick statues, has also made lots of other awesome Lego art.

And he’s even written a book called The Art of the Brick.

8. Now if only we could make a real Oscar to give The Lego Movie 🙁

Warner Bros.

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