You Think Kids Grow Up Fast? Dogs Grow Up Even Faster!

Every parent can tell you that it seems like their children grow up in the blink of an eye, but that seems even more true for pet owners. Some dogs go from tiny pups to fully grown four legged friends so fast, it kind of seems like magic.

But luckily they never lose their adorable puppy charm, as these photos prove. These pet owners decided, after getting a puppy, that they would take comparison shots during their puppy’s life. That way, they could compare the before and after photos and see just how fast their little one grew.

1.) One year apart.

2.) Five months apart.

3.) Three months apart.

4.) One year apart.

5.) Seven months apart.

6.) Seven months apart.

7.) Five months apart.

8.) Three months apart.

9.) Two years apart.

10.) Seven months apart.

11.) Seven months apart.

12.) Three months apart.

13.) Nine years in pics.

14.) Five months apart.

15.) Nine months apart.

16.) Four months apart.

(via Bored Panda.)

Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger kennel. 

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