You Probably Know These Landmarks, But They’re Hiding A Horrifying Secret

Each year, roughly 40,000 Americans die by suicide. It is the tenth leading cause of death in this country and it weighs heavily on the families affected.

While some opt to pass privately in their homes, it’s easy to understand wanting to go surrounded by an incredible landscape or thousands of people. These landmarks are known for their history, beauty, and a darker truth — they’re some of the most popular places people take their own lives.

1. Niagara Falls — Spilling over into the U.S. and Canada, the immense waterfall is a popular suicide location. Anywhere from 20 to 40 people go over the edge every year.

2. London Underground — Every year, many people jump in front of the trains that run in the public transit system. However, it is one of the least effective ways to take your own life. Only 40% of people who attempt suicide this way die.

3. Eiffel Tower — Despite numerous safety measures, this famous Paris landmark still sees an unprecedented number of suicides each year.

4. Prince Edward Viaduct — Not long ago, this Canadian tourist attraction recorded a suicide attempt there once every 22 days. Thankfully, the people of Toronto took action and built a barrier that has been extremely effective in preventing more deaths.

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5. The Gap — On the coast of Sydney, Australia, is a beautiful cliff formation called The Gap. Many people have taken their own lives there. For a long time though, a WWII veteran named Don Ritchie patrolled the area, stopping around 160 jumpers. He was dubbed “The Angel Of The Gap.”

6. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge — This bridge in China has recorded over 2,000 suicides in its less than 60-year history. While there are now patrols on the architectural wonder trying to prevent suicides, sometimes, it’s to no avail.

7. Mount Mihara — This volcano’s lava pit temperature can climb up to 2,200 degrees F, which would immediately kill a person who jumps in. Around 944 people committed suicide there in 1933 alone. Once Japanese authorities realized its sad reputation, they fenced off the area.

8. Beachy Head — This chalk headland overlooking the ocean is a famous English landmark known for its beauty. Sadly though, about 20 people take their lives there every year, too. Because of the cliff’s morbid reputation, some Good Samaritans patrol it with the hopes of preventing more tragedies.

9. Golden Gate Bridge — This iconic California bridge is unfortunately one of the most popular places for people to commit suicide in the world. Police who walk the bridge have stopped countless jumpers, but it’s still estimated that more than 1,200 people have taken their own lives there.

(via Listverse)

If you know someone who is thinking about committing suicide, get them help. There are 24/7 suicide hotlines that you can point them to along with in-person counselors.

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