You Need To See This Magical Concept Art Of Disneyland

It was meant to be The Happiest Place on Earth from the beginning.

1. Everyone knows Disneyland is The Happiest Place on Earth.

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But what a lot of people DON’T know is the amazing effort that went into making the park as magical as it is today!

2. But in these rare archival images that were used to sell prospective East Coast licensees on the park, you can see Disneyland BEFORE it was actually Disneyland.

Disney (c)

3. And it turns out that the plans for the park…

Disney (c)

4. …were pretty similar to what guests get to enjoy today!

Disney (c)

Although the Monstro the Whale ride was never built. 🙁

5. Like Adventureland, which looks just as wild on paper…

Disney (c)

6. …as it does in Southern California!

Disney (c)

7. And Tomorrowland looked just like the futuristic metropolis you would expect.

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This was nearly identical to what Tomorrowland looked like when the park opened, though it looks very different today.

8. Last but not least, sketches of Sleeping Beauty Castle look JUST as magical as it does in real life… although we’re missing the fortress-like walls!

Disney (c)

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