You Haven’t Seen Dumb Until You See These 33 People. Our Society Is Totally Doomed.

Don’t believe in miracles? Me neither… or so I thought. Seriously, I’ve seen people do stupid stuff, but never anything that screams “You Will Die!” But when I saw what these 32 people did, and that they survived, it made me a believer. Wow.

1. “Do not try this at home.”

2. In what universe was this a good idea?

3. Here, kitty kitty.

4. Ultimate photobomb potential?

5. LOL.

6. ….OMG.

7. He really didn’t think this through.

8. Ya, pretty sure he won’t like that.

9. WHAT?!

10. !!!!!!

11. HAHA

12. Flames + stupid people….yup.

13. Work with what you have I guess.

14. No words.

15. Na na na na Batman…

16. Teamwork!

17. Why are all of these people doing this?

18. Yikes.

19. Captain Obvious.

20. Umm…

21. Ingenious?

22. People and ladders, laughter never ends.

23. 0_0

24. Why? Just why?

25. Because that was an awesome idea.

26. LOL.

27. How are you alive??

28. Why isn’t there a video of this!


30. Wait, what?!

31. Yup.

32. Irony… check!

33. People! Come on!

I’m flabbergasted… they shouldn’t be alive! Or maybe just not adding to the gene pool anytime soon 😉 H/T: Dump A Day If you loved this share with your friends below.

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