You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Have A Beautiful Chandelier, Here Are 19 DIY Versions

There’s something so elegant about having a crystal chandelier over your dining room table or in your living room. Heck, throw a chandelier in any room or space, and it’s bound to be 10x classier than it was before. Sadly though, not everyone can afford a beautiful crystal light fixture — myself included — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an elegant chandelier in our home too.

From wine bottles to mason jars and everything in between, here are just a few of the prettiest, most affordable DIY chandeliers out there!

1. All you need is a hula hoop and some string lights for this beauty!

2. This chandelier, made with mason jars and candles, is perfect for a patio.

3. This felt chandelier/mobile will make any baby girl’s room more adorable.

4. Another beautiful outdoor option — a chandelier with succulents in it!

5. You can make this spring-friendly chandelier with real or fake flowers.

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6. For a more understated floral option, try this!

7. Go boho with this soft cloth light.

8. Magnify your bulb’s power with these shiny capiz shells.

9. Long for the days of flappers and fringe? Then this chandelier is for you!

10. Mix chemistry with beauty in this DIY test-tube chandy.

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11. Save your wine corks and put them towards something truly illuminating.

12. You can also just take all those wine bottles and make a chandelier out of them.

13. These beauties are made with just some glue, string, and balloons.

14. This adorable paper pom chandelier would be perfect for a kids’ room or party.

15. If you find an ugly brass-colored chandelier, don’t be turned off! A simple coat of paint works wonders.

16. Give an old chandelier a nautical update with some jute rope.

17. This beautiful beaded gem would look good in just about any room.

18. While this requires some technical fiddling, it’s totally worth it for the modern end result.

19. Who said yarn is just for clothing? This simple, delicate chandelier would look lovely in a craft room or family room.

Before you know it, every room in your house will have a chandelier. Talk about elegance!

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