You Don’t Have To Spend A Ton To Make A Cool Cat Tree For Your Feline Friends

When Redditor JLa264 and his girlfriend arrived back at their apartment one day, they were surprised to find a stray kitten outside…just waiting for them to come home. Already proud pet owners of two cats and three dogs, they didn’t know if they could keep the little guy. Space was truly at a premium.

When they made the decision to keep him, it was on one condition — they get a cat tree to free up floor space. But after discovering just how expensive they were, the couple decided to build one themselves…

Before getting the materials together, they did a simple sketch of what it would look like.

Then it was time to gather the materials — most of which were free. They used some wood for the base, cardboard, carpet, and rope.

The couple began by cutting out circles in the cardboard and weaving the tubes through.

A few layers of cardboard make up each level. To help the steps stay in place (and serve as scratching posts), they wrapped more than 800 feet of rope around the tubes.

With the first level done, it was time to add a second floor and other fun parts!

They had this blanket hanging around, so it became…

…A hammock!

For a finishing touch, they dangled a cat toy from one of the levels.

I think they like it.

All in all, the tree only cost about $75 dollars to build.

Looks like they have plenty of room now…time to add another two cats and five dogs to the fam!

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