World’s Worst Dad Shows You How to Be a Better Parent

This awesome photographer dad named Dave Engledow shows you how to be the best parent… by illustrating what NOT to do. Don’t worry, though, this dad and his awesome daughter actually have a great relationship. (Who knew that letting your toddler carve turkey would be a bad idea?) He is basically the coolest dad ever, so you might want to follow his advice (and never do any of these things seen below).

Blending gone wrong.

When you don’t have a ladder, there’s always Photoshop.

Driving mom to drinking. Literally.

Family exercising.

Cheap labor.

Looks good to me.

Must have mom’s brains.

You missed a spot.

Martini? She looks 21.

Being his daughter is not an excuse.

This looks safe.

This one is actually a great idea.

It’s cheaper than an amusement park.

World’s youngest turkey carver.

Sweet revenge.

Baby is going to go Over the Top.

Do it for America!

Hold still, I won’t miss.

Safety first.

Before you call Child Services, this is photoshopped.

Don’t turn your back or your kid will swallow an entire mug.

Fifty Shades of Bad Parenting.

Knife in toaster. Nothing wrong there.

Creativity. That’s all.

Quality time with the ba… errr.

Someone has to get the wrinkles out. Not dad.

This looks safe too.

At least he’s looking this time.

Everyone needs their protein.

He is, without a doubt, the world’s best father.


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