Why It’s Not OK To Call People Your “Gays”

We’ll make this as easy as possible.

1. There’s something important that we need to talk about.

We’ve all been there. All of your besties are out to brunch. The conversation is light and funny. Careers! Dating! Adulthood! You’re all yapping away when the subject turns to your buddy Lars, who happens to be gay. Lars is an awesome dude. Lars is one of your best friends. Lars is the fucking best.

3. But you know what Lars isn’t? Your gay husband. Your gay BFF. Your gay.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

Sure, it sounds cute at first — “My gays.” It doesn’t even sound malicious. You’re just showing the world how accepting you are because you have a gay BFF.

But you see, a human being can’t be “yours.” A human being is not one of your fashionable handbags you have to match with a new pair of shoes.

5. When you call someone your “gay,” you’re treating them like a fun accessory you get to throw over your shoulder on your way out of the house.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

6. A human being is not your cute dog you carry around in the nook of your arm. A human being is not a special teacup breed of dog that you MUST have.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

7. What’s that you say? Your “gay BFF” totally doesn’t care when you call them that?

8. Well, just as Morgan Freeman doesn’t speak for all black people, your BFF doesn’t speak for all gay people.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

9. So the next time you want to act all cute and call someone your “gay,” remember they are a person — and they’re not yours.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

10. Carry on.

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