While She Was By Her Ill Baby’s Side, He Was Off With His Mistress. Then She Saw Her

For young mother Natasha Khan, the birth of her son was supposed to be joyous.

Unfortunately on March 1, 2015, Khan and her husband’s dreams of a normal future were crushed when the woman gave birth to her baby boy more than 24 weeks premature. Due to the extent of the complications, the tiny baby remained in the hospital for over two months.

While the pressures of trying to stay strong weighed heavily on her heart, the boy’s father was off spending time with another woman. After learning of her husband’s infidelities, Khan took a bit of a violent turn during a stroll through a local park during which the two of them were confronted by his mistress.

Natasha Khan was imprisoned for just over three years after she was convicted of wounding with intent after getting into a violent altercation with her husband’s mistress.

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Tensions between Khan and Leah Crayne began after the stressed-out wife had learned that her partner, Hamza Farid, had been sneaking off to see Crayne while she spent every waking moment in the hospital looking after their sick child.

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