Which Famous Kate Are You?

Are you a princess in real life or on the TV?

    1. Beer

    2. Vodka

    3. Tequila

    1. Whiskey

    2. Wine

    3. Thinstock


    1. Tomb

    2. Urn

    3. Graveyard

    1. Ocean

    2. Simple grave

    3. Thinkstock

      Screw it

    1. Thinkstock

    1. Gareth Cattermole / Via Getty

      Naomi Campbell

    2. Jason Merritt / Via Getty

      Leonardo DiCaprio

    3. Valerie Macon / Via Getty

      Jessica Alba

    1. Tim P. Whitby / Via Getty

      Pippa Middleton

    2. Frazer Harrison / Via Getty

      Kristen Wiig

    3. No one

    1. Kevin Winter / Via Getty

      Jennifer Lawrence

    2. Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty

      Jennifer Lopez

    3. Jason Merritt / Via Getty

      Jennifer Hudson

    1. Carlos Alvarez / Via Getty

      Jennifer Connelly

    2. Jason Merritt / Via Getty

      Jennifer Aniston

    3. Valerie Macon / Via Getty

      Jennifer Garner

    1. Hulton Archive / Via Getty

      Catherine of Aragon

    2. Via Wiki

      Catherine Parr

    3. Kean Collection / Via Getty

      Catherine Howard

    1. Via Wiki

      Catherine of Navarre

    2. Archive Photos / Via Getty

      Catherine de Medici

    3. Wiki

      Catherine the Great

    1. Thinkstock

Which Famous Kate Are You?

  1. You got: Kate Middleton

    Bow down. No, really, we have to bow down to you because you’re actual royalty. You’re the classiest gal out of all your friends, never without a hair out of place or a skirt too short.

  2. You got: Kate Hudson

    Yep, you’re the super-fun, super-bubbly, super-cute girl next door. You love working out like no other and are super close to your family, with talent to match.

  3. You got: Cate Blanchett

    You hear that? Of course you don’t — it’s the sound of silence when you walk into the room. You see, you have that power. Strong, stunning, talented — you silence people without a quiet power that’s a force to be reckoned with.

  4. You got: Kate Winslet

    Sure you’re elegant and great at your job, but there’s a secret side to you — a naughty one. You’re the first one to make a crass joke and that’s why your friends love you.

    HBO / Via wifflegif.com
  5. You got: Kate Moss

    Some might call you mysterious, but your friends know you’re just too cool for school. You just ooze “It girl” without even trying. Lucky bitch — keep being the COOLEST PERSON ALIVE.

  6. You got: Kate McKinnon

    Who’s the funniest girl in all the land? Yep, that’s you. Wherever you go, you can bet that the sound of laughter is quickly behind you. Your enigmatic personality is a joy to be around and absolutely infectious.

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