Which Dress Color Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

You and The Dress, by the stars.

Which Dress Color Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

  1. You got: White and Gold

    As an Aquarius, you’re a true original and an inventive soul. Your dress is white and gold because you rebel from reality and its restrictive color scheme. You don’t mind breaking the rules.

  2. You got: White and Gold

    As a Pisces, your creativity and adaptability let you see gold and white. You’re a free spirit with a big imagination and your colors aren’t bound by reality.

  3. You got: Blue and Black

    As an independent, free thinking Aries, your dress is blue and black, in spite of all the white-and-gold naysayers, you stick to your guns. The dramatic blue and black color scheme matches your moody tendencies.

  4. You got: Blue and Black

    As a dependable and persistent Taurus, you see the true, correct color of the dress: blue and black. Like in life, you were never wrong.

  5. You got: White and Gold

    As an imaginative and clever Gemini, your reality is not set in stone. Your dress is white and gold because you’re an independent thinker. You don’t live by the rules. No dress is the boss of you.

  6. You got: Black and Blue

    As a Cancer, you’re dependable and smart and you see the true color of the dress: black and blue. The dark color scheme matches your sometimes swirling emotions and proves you’re a self-sufficient individual.

  7. You got: White and Gold

    As a limelight-loving Leo, you’re definitely more in line with white and shining gold. You want people to see you for who you really are, which is a charming, flamboyant, white and gold dress.

  8. You got: Blue and Black

    As a dependable, meticulous Virgo, you’re definitely blue and black. Simple, multi-purpose, and muted tones suit your cautious nature. Careful not to let the white-and-gold-ers get to you, for you have a tendency to become petty when challenged.

  9. You got: White and Gold

    As a gracious, diplomatic Libra, you aim to please — and because most people see the dress as white and gold, you will too. It’s the most popular and therefore the correct choice. You just want everyone to get along, and agree.

  10. You got: Blue and Black

    Dark and suspicious, you’re definitely the blue and black dress. Who are all these people seeing white and gold and what is their problem? You won’t tolerate it. If they’re going to be so wrong all the time you’d prefer to just be alone.

  11. You got: White and Gold

    Your childlike, fun-loving spirit makes you a natural white and gold dress — bright, sunny, and eternally optimistic that others will someday come to understand just how very wrong they are, and how very right you have always been.

  12. You got: Blue and Black

    As a Capricorn you are a calm, collected blue and black dress, self-disciplined enough to know that it doesn’t matter if everyone else is wrong. You just need to put your head down and stick to what you believe is right. You’ll never be white and gold, not ever.

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