When This Old Man Told A Radio Show That He Was Lonely, They Did Something Amazing

When this 95-year-old man called into a BBC radio show, no one expected something this wonderful to happen. Bill, a longtime listener of Alex Dyke’s morning show, called into the show to tell Dyke about how much he missed his wife.

Dyke was so moved by his story that he sent a cab to Bill’s house to pick him up and made him a special guest on the radio show.

Bill, the 95-year-old fan of Alex Dyke’s show, called in to tell the story of how lonely he’s been since his wife’s tragic injury.

She took a nasty fall that landed her in hospice care. Bill visits her every day, but he wishes that she could still be at home with him. Since he doesn’t have his wife around anymore, Alex Dyke keeps him company.

Bill was invited to be a special guest on Dyke’s show.

He was received warmly by listeners, and by Dyke himself. The gesture meant a lot to Bill.

(via BuzzFeed)

What a heartwarming story. I’m sure Bill was ecstatic about being on the show, and now he has quite the story to tell his wife when he visits her again. We hope that she makes a speedy recovery so that she can return home! Bill would probably much rather listen to the radio with his favorite lady, anyway.

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