When This K9 Officer Was Shot In The Line Of Duty, Two Helpful Souls Saved His Life

A K9 officer by the name of Jardo was rushed to WestVet Emergency and Specialty Center after being wounded in a police shootout in Boise that left two of his human companions injured.

The police dog suffered at least one gun shot to the chest and was in dire need of blood. Without giving it a second thought, vet technician Nichole Zacharias offered her golden retriever, Myles, as a potential blood donor for the hardworking pup. Together with a pit bull named Cricket, the pair were able to donate almost a liter of blood to help Jardo stabilize after his injuries.

All three of them are heroes in their own right!

Myles is no stranger to doggy blood donations. He has previously donated blood to five victims, all of which survived thanks to his owner’s selfless desire to help animals in need. For even more information regarding the Idaho shooting, check this out.

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