When She Woke Up From Surgery, Her Mom Caught Her Slaying This Entire Earth

Some people really dislike Rihanna’s song “Work.”

And those are the people I don’t need in my life.

One person I do need in my life is a girl by the name of Melodie Tataryn.

When the 13-year-old woke up from oral surgery, her mom decided to convince her that she was, indeed, the Barbadian beauty we all know and love. Still feeling pretty woozy from anesthesia, Melodie was down for just about anything — including putting on a show for her adoring fans that she 100 percent definitely has because she’s Rihanna and not a teenager from Canada.

After flipping her hair into place, she broke into her own version of the smash hit, slaying this whole universe in the process.

Someone get this girl a Grammy. Better yet, someone give her my phone number, because I’m accepting partner-in-slay applications.

Let’s just hope that Rihanna sees this and brings Melodie on tour as her opener. It’s only fair.

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