When No One Showed Up To Her Son’s Birthday, This Mom Delivered An Important Message

When homeschooler Mahlon celebrated his eighth birthday, none of his friends showed up. His mother told him not to worry. Next year, he would be at public school, and lots of friends would attend his ninth birthday party.

As his mom shared on her blog, Life on Peanut Lane, her son could hardly contain his excitement when the day of his party finally arrived. A lot of planning had gone into throwing the best “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”-themed bash ever. No one had RSVP’d, but that was common, right?

Mahlon had reported that at least four of his friends planned to be at his party. He couldn’t wait to share his big day with them.

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The enthusiastic boy hung many of his own decorations, blew up balloons, and made treat bags for his guests. He told his mom, “This is the happiest day of my life. I can’t wait until my friends get here!”

Soon, Dad arrived with pizza. The table was set and all of the carefully planned “Diary of a Wimp Kid” games were ready to go. Guests would be arriving any minute.

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The family waited…and waited…and waited. Not one single person showed up.

When it became clear that no friends would be arriving, Mahlon cried, “No one came, Dad. I guess I’m not very popular at school.”

But that wasn’t true. His family describes him as “a bright, sensitive, caring little boy who loves animals and babies.” Could this failed party really be the fault of parents who were too lazy to RSVP?

The family made the best of a bad situation by chowing down on some pizza and playing a game. Mahlon was still hurt, but his spirits were beginning to lift.

He even opened his gifts “with a big smile on his face,” his mom said. “Because, well, that’s our boy.” Instead of hanging around the house, the gang decided to pack up and head to a local bowling alley.

When Mahlon woke up the next morning, he asked if he could still hand out the treat bags from his party to friends at school. His mom, however, wasn’t quite as forgiving. For her, the message was clear. “Please, please, please RSVP!” The simple gesture could have prevented a lot of heartbreak and disappointment.

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Do you RSVP to your children’s party invitations? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments! Let’s make sure no kid has to feel like this kind little guy felt on his big day.

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