When Mom Took Her Baby Home From The Doctor, She Noticed That She Was Acting Drunk!

In Australia, a doctor’s mistake nearly cost a six-month-old baby girl her life. For three days, her mother noticed that she was acting “drunk,” but the gravity of the situation was not realized until a nurse visited the family home and checked the little one’s prescription.

Jessica Brough brought her daughter, Gracie, to the hospital for a routine appointment earlier this month. The doctor diagnosed the baby with acid reflux, and quickly sent the mom away with a prescription for three months worth of medicine. The pharmacist commented that it was a large dose, but instead of checking with the doctor’s office, filled the prescription for 10-milliliter doses. In reality, a baby of Gracie’s size should only have been taking 0.07.

Brough followed the doctor’s orders and began giving Gracie the acid reflux medicine, but quickly noticed that her daughter was acting fuzzy and lethargic, almost as if she were drunk. When a nurse stopped by to check on Grace’s weight, Brough’s worst fears were confirmed.

The doctor had prescribed a dose of medication that was nearly 20 times what Gracie should have been taking. As of now, the baby girl only has a rash, but since the medication had such a large dose of alcohol, she may have liver damage or other health issues in the future.

Brough told Yahoo, “Given the three month dosage, it would have fried her brain, caused liver damage, or she could have died. That’s what the doctor told us…We won’t know what’s going to happen to Grace until she gets older and starts reaching those expected milestones.”

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