When Huge Dogs Forget They’re Not Puppies Anymore, THIS Happens. And It’s Hilarious.

It’s not a big deal when a wiener dog jumps up on the couch, but it’s a totally different story when the world’s tallest dog does it. Size doesn’t stop these pups from being lap dogs. Even if they have to crush a couple of femurs to get a good snuggle.

1. Going for drives is better with the top down. Or open.

2. Who needs the couch when you have a human?

3. Sorry, this gal’s all mine. Move on, fellas.

4. Remember, dogs are the best pillows.

5. Hmm, but can I fit onto her shoulders?

6. Snuggling was a lot easier as a puppy…

7. Silly kids, swings are for dogs.

8. Oooh, selfie time!

9. Cuddling, sitting… it’s basically the same thing.

10. Cat thinks I’m her bed… cat doesn’t realize I’m sitting on her bed.

11. This dog knows that babysitting is serious business.

12. Super dog is super cute.

13. Hey, dudes are allowed to spoon with their favorite, dog, too.

14. Is the garden too small, or is the dog too big?

15. I take the term “lap dog” very seriously.


17. TV? What TV? It’s time to go for a walk!

18. Shhhhh, shhhh. It’s okay. You like it.

19. Napping is a necessity for a lap dog… even if the couch is too small to nap on.

20. Grrrrrr. Rawr. Cuddle with me and give me treats. The lion demands it.

21. Small chair? Dog don’t care.

22. It doesn’t matter how big a dog is… it can still be a lap dog.

Dog cuddles are awesome, even if they are cutting off your air supply.

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