When He Lost His Toy, His Parents Told Them It Was Traveling — Then This Happened

When these two parents were faced with a terrible dilemma, they came up with the cutest solution ever.

Their son lost his favorite stuffed elephant, and he was totally crushed. They didn’t want to leave him crying in a heap, so they turned to Reddit and asked their photo-savvy friends to do them a favor. What they got in return was a photo series that made their little guy’s day!

This is the photo they sent out into the Reddit world.

They asked that community to Photoshop the elephant into beautiful scenes so that they could tell their son his toy was just traveling!

The editors even dressed him up. He’s a dapper dude, isn’t he?

He basically lived every traveler’s dream.

If this isn’t the definition of Instagram goals, I don’t know what is.

(via Bored Panda)

Although these parents may conveniently find the elephant in a nearby store on the toy’s return trip home, we all know the truth. This cute little guy is still out there exploring the world. We just have to go out there and find him!

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