What’s that smell? Nicki Minaj signs fragrance deal


Okay let’s be honest, we have all woke up in the morning at some point in our lives and thought, “Damn, I wish I smelled more like Nicki Minaj.”

Thank the Heavens above, because the rapper is working on her new fragrance which is scheduled to hit department stores this fall.

We can’t wait!

Nikki minaj to launch her own perfume. What will it be called? Fra.. fra..fra…fragrant roses?

— Ashwathy Shyamkumar (@Ashwathysk) April 17, 2012

According to WWD, Nicki Minaj signed a fragrance deal…. Hmm, I wonder how it'll smell. Sexy? Floral? Musky? Biplolar?

— Jowin Marie (@jowinmarie) April 17, 2012


Women's Wear Daily just reported that Nicki Minaj just signed a fragrance deal. Oh dear. Will it smell like burnt yakki and cotton candy?

— Mimi Digital (@MimiDigital) April 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj probably smell like straight dirt lmfao.

— HCA Nominee (@hovoxoligan) April 17, 2012

Just in-case you don’t know who the hell Nicki Minaj even is, here’s her hit song “Super Bass.”

Isn’t she lovely!?

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