What This Guy Found On The Beach Could Be Proof Of Mermaids…Wait, What?!

When I was a little girl, my sister and I always pretended to be mermaids while we were swimming.

We fervently wished they were real and that we could become them, but as we grew older, we obviously accepted the fact that these mythological creatures don’t actually exist.

However, after seeing what one man found washed ashore on an English beach, I have to wonder whether our world holds way more mysteries than I previously thought possible.

When Paul Jones and his friends took a trip to the beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, they came across this astounding sight.

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They weren’t sure what to think. It can’t be a normal fish, because HELLO — it obviously has a human-shaped skull.

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There’s always the possibility that this could be an early Halloween prank, but that really begs the question — who’s responsible for it?

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I’m really not sure what to believe, but either way, it’s pretty creepy.

What do you think? Could this be a dead mermaid?

I really hope that this isn’t Ariel’s missing cousin. All joking aside, if it is a Halloween hoax, it’s a pretty awesome one at that.

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