‘What the hell’? Ken Jennings really stepped in it with this ‘wheelchair’ tweet


Or maybe not so much.

Earlier today, the former “Jeopardy!” champ and perpetual jerk thought he’d remind just how clever he is:

Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.

— Ken Jennings (@KenJennings) September 22, 2014

Needless to say, that didn’t go over with a lot of people:

@KenJennings Ken 🙁

— Wilson Carlisle (@WilframAlpha) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings I just…how can you even think this is ok to say? I can't even express how many levels this can be hurtful on. Goodbye.

— Jordan Goldstein (@thetabyte) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings You might want to rethink this one.

— Matt Young (@ThisMattYoung) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings #unfollow

— Hafthor Stefansson ❎ (@hafthor) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings lapse in judgment here.

— Mark Ashton (@Arkmashton) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings Not funny.

— Sharon Wong (@sharonw) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings I think that expressing that sentiment can do harm to people, regardless of whether you believe it.

— Jordan Goldstein (@thetabyte) September 22, 2014

Wow @KenJennings is a SERIOUS asshat. Enjoy that 15mins buddy.

— chrishanrahan (@chrishanrahan) September 22, 2014

Decidedly not cool, as said by a happy hottie with a walking stick. RT @KenJennings: Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.”

— Angela Clarke (@TheAngelaClarke) September 22, 2014

To any young people out there with a disability, you are perfect just the way you are. Ken Jennings can stick my walking stick up his bum.

— Angela Clarke (@TheAngelaClarke) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings @sween @matthewbaldwin @biorhythmist real dip shit thing to say.

— Ashwin (@ashwindeshmukh) September 22, 2014

@knottyyarn @KenJennings how awful for someone who writes books for youth. Terrible role model.

— Nina A. (@NinaPleases) September 22, 2014

@jonahweiland @KenJennings "I'll take Dumb Tweets From a Supposedly Smart Guy for $500, Alex."

— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) September 22, 2014

What a douche bag. https://t.co/FVtRQQahji

— Juliet Mushens (@mushenska) September 22, 2014

I guess it's appropriate for me to tweet this again, @kenjennings. pic.twitter.com/E8fXUjZDUP

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings I can't even begin to explain the depths of shittiness in this tweet.

— k k leroux (@newsyleroux) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings What the hell, Ken? Not okay.

— Emily Aviva Kapor (@EmilyAviva) September 22, 2014

Stay classy Ken Jennings

— Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings You're a dick. #unfollow

— Kelly Teresko (@kteresko) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings not funny, even in the slightest.

— Dan Carson (@okdan) September 22, 2014

Who's this prick, and why does he tweet fucked up nonsense? RT @KenJennings: Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.

— Ridley (@_Ridley_) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings Really insensitive, horrible comment.

— Jenny Reynolds (@jreynolds0316) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings pretty offensive, Ken. Money and gameshow prowess didn't buy you basic human decency.

— Russ Enright (@russen58) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings Wow. There are so many awful things about that sentence I don't even know where to start. Maybe rethink this one.

— harmony (@fonticulus) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings This is disappointing as hell, Ken. You're smarter than this. Or maybe you're not. WTF, dude.

— Ashton Treadway (@ashtontreadway) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings Nothing sadder than an intelligent man behaving like the lowest common denominator of frathouse dudebros.

— Erin Hicks (@ErintheHealer) September 22, 2014

@KenJennings Nothings sadder than a smart person giving in to stupidity.

— Ira Kates (@IraKates) September 22, 2014

I think you just disproved your own theory. RT @KenJennings Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.

— Nicole Witte (@TheNicoleWitte) September 22, 2014

.@KenJennings i've got one thing sadder: an asshole with a twitter account.

— Heather Ratcliff (@MortuaryReport) September 22, 2014

(Hat tip: @gypsyluc)

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