What He Did With Some Mason Jars And A Wooden Board Is So Simple And Adorable

I probably have the smallest kitchen in New York City — seriously, my closet is bigger than my cooking space — but I make it work because every inch has a purpose.

I’ve always wanted to have an indoor herb garden, or just anything green that will actually survive in the space, but up until now, I never thought it was possible. Thankfully, I came across this quick and simple DIY from Redditor allkindsofmamba.

First, allkindsofmamba got a six-foot piece of pine picket, cut it in half, and covered it with some stain to produce a weathered look.

Measuring things out, they left a few inches between each mason jar (you can buy them anywhere from Goodwill to Amazon).

Then, the crafter got some four-inch duct clamps and self-drilling screws to secure the mason jars to the board.

When all was said and done, this was the goal for the mini planters.

It should be noted that one Reddit commenter said that some drainage holes would be needed for anything to survive in these planters:

“If there’s too much water and no place for it to go, your plants will drown. […] You might have luck with a glass drill bit, or a masonry bit — just be really careful. Cover the jars in masking tape and wear goggles and long sleeves to prevent accidents.”

Either way, this is a pretty awesome end result for such a simple DIY!

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