What Happens During And After Nursing Is A Little Terrifying

From stretch marks to swollen ankles, the many side effects of pregnancy are well known. However, some might be surprised to learn about the terrifying toll that nursing can take on the body.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is nothing better than breast milk for newborns. Experts agree that babies under the age of six months should drink breast milk exclusively, and they encourage moms to continue breastfeeding until at least their child’s first birthday.

But what’s going on in Mom’s body during and after nursing? While nursing helps new moms burn calories and lose weight, it can also destroy their eyes and possibly even increase their risk of breast cancer.

As it turns out, swollen ankles are the least of a new mom’s worries. The same fluid that builds up in the ankles and other joints can also build up in the lens and cornea of the eye.

This causes some women to experience blurry vision while pregnant or nursing. Many need glasses or contact lenses to correct the situation.

Sometimes, it’s a temporary problem. Other times, moms will have trouble with their vision for the rest of their lives.

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