What Happened During These 11 Selfies is Simply Insane. Especially The Last One…Whoa.

At one point, selfies were actually frowned upon. They seemed lonely and sad. But now, they’ve taken the Internet by storm and are officially here to stay. Whether you’re happy about that or not, there’s no denying that these 11 are probably the best, most insane ones ever taken. Some are perfectly timed and others are just incredible – check them out.

1. This guy wouldn’t let a ridiculous height stop him.

2. A crazy animal? Even better.

3. A selfie is much more important than safety.

4. Hey, the fire is not out yet.

5. He definitely never saw Jaws.

6. His friends were not in the mood for selfies. Slap.

7. She didn’t invite him in for the selfie. He came anyway.

8. This one is just awesome.

9. Perfectly timed…before the concussion.

10. This guy thought his pregnant teacher’s contractions were the perfect time for a selfie.

11. And the best selfie EVER goes to Aki Hoshide…from space.

The bar has just been raised for selfies. If you can’t take one while skydiving or breaking the sound barrier, don’t take one at all. Or at the very least, no more bathroom selfies.

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