Watch This Squirrel Challenge His Cat Friend To An Adorable Duel On A Family’s Roof

No matter how much time we spend away from our family, we always click right back into the same rhythm as soon as we see their familiar faces. And that applies to fuzzy faces, too.

This squirrel was raised in the same home as this cat, but returned to the wild after he was old enough to fend for himself. However, he still stops by to check in with his feline bestie every now and then. Here he is challenging the orange cutie to a playtime duel. The cat doesn’t seem as into it as he probably was as a kitten, though…


“Ha, pinned ya! Pinned ya again! And again!”

Maybe the cat just didn’t get a chance to warm up first. Either way, we’re the real winners for getting to witness this adorable sparring match.

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