Want To Take Your Possessed Doll On Vacation With You? Better Fly Thai Smile Airways.

Remember in the ’80s when Cabbage Patch Kids were insanely popular? Well, take that popularity and add the souls of unborn children and you have the Luk Thep craze!

Yes, the most popular dolls in Thailand are said to be possessed by the spirits of children, and the only way to make them happy is to clothe them, feed them, and even buy them their own seats on airplanes. It all seems a little silly to treat a doll this way, but do you really want to anger the troubled soul that dwells beneath the plastic?

Adults and children alike have taken to a new fad in Thailand: Luk Thep dolls. Also known as “Child Angels,” these dolls are said to be possessed by the spirits of children.

The dolls were created by Mae Ning, who says she calls on the Hindu goddess Parvati to transmit the souls of unborn children into the dolls.

The dolls are to be treated like they are real children, receiving food and gifts. Thai Smile Airways even allows passengers to purchase tickets for their Luk Thep dolls, so owners can take them on vacations.

Why must these possessed dolls be appeased so? Well, taking care of a Luk Thep is supposed to bring the owner good luck. If the doll is neglected, the owner is signing him or herself up for misfortune.

(via Mysterious Universe)

So while Cabbage Patch Kids seem to be waning in popularity, what makes me think Luk Thep dolls will have continued relevance is that fearing the wrath of a child ghost is weaved into the product’s marketing campaign! The company is basically saying, “Buy this or be cursed forever!”

It’s quite genius when you think about it…

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