Twitter conflict: Beliebers vs. non-Beliebers!/sahraW_/status/191228999509356544

Justin Bieber supporters are sometimes referred to on Twitter as ‘Beliebers.’ They often set national trends about something related Bieber. Because of the volume of tweets from them, a movement to ban Beliebers has begun with the hashtag #BanBeliebers .

#BanBeliebers …They are very annoying & prevent much more important trends from trending worldwide… !!!

— #ThankYouPunk ♥ (@Cenas_Girl_) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers seriously it would make twitter a better place

— Rupert Steffler ⚓ (@RLSteffler) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers FINALLY i Justin Bieber related trend im happy to see 😀

— Felina (@JosepHarding) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers because us non-beliebers reallly don't want them on twitter.

— hater tots ☮ (@MeGustaUnicorns) April 14, 2012!/_laurennnnnnnn/status/191229045181128704

Twitter would be so much better if we could #BanBeliebers

— ~umbrella~ (@ellahornby) April 14, 2012

Justin Bieber would be liked A LOT more if it wasn't for his over protective obsessive fans #BanBeliebers

— athena (@sheixx_) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers finally a decent trend! Surely we can all agree on this? Either that or ship them to the moon! #sillylittlekids

— Chris Jones (@ChrisJoneslufc) April 14, 2012

To no surprise, Beliebers were not amused. So, they created a hashtag of their own — #BanHaters.

Beliebers should trend #BanHaters.

— newtmas rawan (@starlinghills) April 14, 2012

#BanHaters. RT if you want them banned. 😉

— . (@thebieberoreo) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers … lol no . #BanHaters is what we should trend.

— cassie (@vivalasbieber) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers WTF? Man, us Beliebers Run twitter, if beliebers weren't on twitter, twitter would NOT be as popular as it is

— Verified Belieber (@RedCarpetBIEBER) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers? LMAO. now why would you want to ban twitter?

— tiffany (@toxicrauhl) April 14, 2012

You can #BanBeliebers if you'd like. But that's not going to stop Justin from success. Stay mad.

— arabella (@yelyahluke) April 14, 2012

#BanBeliebers please we run twitter, it would be boring af without us.

— sara ⚓ (@BieberAnchor) April 14, 2012

No word yet from non-Belieber headquarters about what their next move is.  At this point, the conflict between the two Twitter nations is too close to call.

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