TSA declares gropin’ season on Thanksgiving travelers


Many travelers heading home for the holidays this week already had to contend with #Strikesgiving protests at LAX and mechanical failures that closed Penn Station. Those flying home this weekend can anticipate a second trip though the TSA checkpoint, and no, the experience hasn’t gotten any less invasive, if these tweets are any indication.

Just got the pat down by tsa. This is the life. #sike

— Kennedy Surch(@MTPgiraffe) November 25, 2012

Just a pat down? TSA must be hiring fewer sex offenders. RT @justcindeh I got the *pat down* at the airport today.First time.

— XanxiuZ (@XanxiuZ) November 24, 2012

In Detroit. Got held up and harassed by tsa. They even patted me down! They were nasty and rude and kept me there for four hours.

— Jake Lyons (@Jake_Lyons) November 24, 2012

So I just got my first full out boobs and butt pat down by TSA.. 😂

— Anna Fabry✨ (@annafabryy) November 24, 2012

TSA just got to second base with me

— Maddie Payne (@fuckyeahsharky) November 24, 2012

I can’t believe the TSA held me & my 86yr old grandmother for 1/2 hour bc they found “suspicious materials” on her clothing. #fail

— Brett Russell (@brettru55ell) November 24, 2012

This 72yr old woman just got a pat down. Gotta love the logic behind TSA

— Megan(@DorredaExplorer) November 24, 2012

Yes #TSA, my boobs and hair must be checked out before I get on the plane.

— Rachel Black (@rae_blackout) November 24, 2012

I was considered a high threat to TSA because the top I was wearing had metallic threads. Major touchy feely pat down 😫

— Brittany Mehciz (@bmehciz) November 24, 2012

Most of you were asleep. But I feel the need to repost. At about 5:30 this morning, my hair and my ASS were tagged for TSA pat down. Like…

— Pam Rear (@poitreenmoshun) November 25, 2012


Thorough TSA massage @ SFO. A bit short. They should provide tables to lay down on + the guy refused the tip 😉

— Mark Finnern (@finnern) November 24, 2012

TSA had to pat down my arm because of my watch but she said that she loved my shirt so I guess that’s a win?

— Kristine Csicsery (@KristineCSI) November 24, 2012

Your buns are a prime target for a TSA pat-down.

Also my bun just got patted down in security. Oh thick hair you never cease to amaze me #tsa

— Caroline Aronson (@Tall_Caroline) November 24, 2012

TSA just squeezed my bun. (the one on the top of my head) (@ Honolulu International Airport- Security Check Point) 4sq.com/UEcKIA

— Alexandria Hoff (@AlexandriaHoff) November 24, 2012

Tsa patted my hair down. Ya cause I’m totally hiding a bomb in my fine blonde hair.

— Kelseee (@blondeee14) November 24, 2012

TSA loves to mess up my hair! Yes once again😒 cc: @gplatinum lol

— ~IVY~ (@ivymakeup) November 25, 2012

My afro has been patted down at TSA and I ain’t think nothing of it.

— M. Dankwaa (@obaa_boni) November 25, 2012

“@lindseygetagrip: TSA had to pat down my hair bun. I’m actually honored.” because they know it’s full of secrets

— ALLIE (@allie_egerer) November 24, 2012

Secrets? Oh, there are no secrets when you’re in line at the airport.

TSA agent: “mam. Are you wearing underwear?” Me: “why is that even a question?”

— mkn (@sylvankathryn) November 24, 2012

“Folks, you have to take your C PAP machines out of your bags.” shouts the TSA agent. A clear sign that I’m in Detroit.

— czachos (@czachos) November 25, 2012

So, just what is being smuggled onto commercial airlines this holiday season?

Accidentally had a wine opener in my carry on.. TSA didn’t like that #causingproblems

— Kasey Darling(@kasekaydar) November 25, 2012

I’m really glad the TSA recognizes the grave threat that my toothpaste poses to the success of our flight.

— Mac Simonson (@MacSimonson) November 24, 2012

For a second I thought TSA wasn’t gonna let me on the plane with my spiked doc martens..

— anna(@peaceluvtwerk) November 25, 2012

Me and TSA get into it every flight. EVERY FLIGHT….. “Sir your Jewelery looks like weapons”….

— Trinidad Jame$ (@TrinidadJamesGG) November 23, 2012

The TSA agents in Albuquerque had no trouble identifying a stack of tortillas in my bag. It totally baffled them at LaGuardia. #handsearch

— Charles R. Kaiser (@ckaiserca) November 25, 2012

They caught me smuggling a wallet thru. Another air disaster averted. (@ TSA Security Checkpoint) 4sq.com/TlNby2

— Yellojkt (@yellojkt) November 24, 2012

Fuck the TSA for taking my Victoria’s Secret spray away #YOUSUCK

— Brooke Schelstraete (@bschelstraete) November 24, 2012

Hey @tsablogteam, when #DTW #TSA lets through 12 oz. of @buddyspizza sauce but confiscates 20 oz. of minestrone, the terrorists have won.

— Benny Goldman (@bennygoldman) November 24, 2012

While many are packing less these days to avoid baggage fees, some are reporting their bags feel just a bit lighter after landing.

@brianross Had two cameras and a baby monitor “disappear” from a bag inspected by TSA @bostonlogan today. Sent in claim. #soupset

— Jennie Purtell (@jenniepurtell) November 25, 2012

@buzzfeedandrew I got an @nra keychain, and the jerks at TSA took it away from me. I will never forgive them! @maryclimer

— Amelia(@AmeliaHammy) November 25, 2012

Dear United baggage service man or woman, i hope you’re enjoying my Scotty Cameron!! seriously need to start locking luggage.

— Sydnee Michaels (@SydneeMichaels) November 24, 2012

@sydneemichaels Sorry :Could have been TSA. They rifle through my travel bag everytime!Ready to be violated again Tues on Stage III trip.

— Ken Warren (@5yearvolunteer) November 25, 2012

I honestly believe someone from TSA went into my suitcase an stole my watches #ShadyRentACops 🐷

— Mark Trial™ (@PutYouOnTrial) November 24, 2012

Doesn’t anyone have any love for the TSA? If they do, it’s not enough to motivate them to tweet about it.

@elise81 Please don’t call it security. Call it what it is: nonsense make-work busywork that only serves to inflate TSA budget and payroll.

— Saul B (@saulblum) November 24, 2012

it is pretty apparent to me that this country embraces authoritarianism because it seems eager to live with less freedom not more #TSA #free

— E. Browning Bosley (@EBrowningBosley) November 24, 2012

“I just caught a terrorist!”…. said no TSA agent ever.

— Sarai Glas (@TheLibSmacker) November 24, 2012


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