To ensure ‘smooth shopping,’ Colo. O-care exchange won’t allow new accounts!/C4HCO/status/385040949715279873

Connect for Health Colorado is totally open for business! Psych:!/okmaher/status/385070389463773184

Like other states, Colorado just can’t seem to get the launch of its health insurance exchange quite right.!/C4HCO/status/385067086256431104

Smooth shopping? Or glitchy window browsing?!/C4HCO/status/385067163922358272

But … but … participating in the Colorado health insurance marketplace was supposed to be just like winning big in Vegas.!/ryanbeckwith/status/362942684425494528

Looks like the jackpot is staying in Vegas. Connect for Health Colorado has experienced technical difficulties since it debuted this morning.!/caseycarey/status/385056184031772672!/ReporterAndrew/status/385042285375029248

Exit question:!/irenefingirene/status/385071869998538752


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