Tiny Little Mouse Gets Rescued From An Insect Trap. Aww, That Poor Little Thing.

This little mouse got itself into a very sticky situation…literally.

The little critter was brought to the Wildlife Aid Foundation by a lady after it had become stuck in an insect trap she had laid down in her house. Thankfully with the help of a product called Eaze-Off, they were able to get the little mouse free from the trap with no pain what so ever.

You’ll love this rescue:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO-JlIDZgTw?rel=0]

(Source Wildlife Aid)

The mouse is still recovering from the trauma, but has brightened up a bit with some medication and hydration fluids. He is going to stay with the Wildlife Aid Foundation for a while, because one of his legs was damaged after being bent in a weird way on the sticky trap.

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