This YouTube Star Got Tons Of Awesome Fan Art After 3 Hours Of Playing Super Mario For Charity

He played for three straight hours.

1. A popular YouTube gamer started playing Super Mario World on Saturday and didn’t stop for three straight hours.

Nintendo / Via

2. Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, livestreamed his marathon game to raise money for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

3. He aimed to raise $50,000 on GoFundMe and reached that goal in hours. Two days later, he surpassed $75,000.

4. Markiplier wants to raise awareness and support for mental health issues.

He wrote:

Mental illness is too often looked down upon as far as medical treatment goes. Too much doubt and misunderstanding surrounds these subjects and it needs to be addressed with the same seriousness as physical illnesses.

DBSA supports people who experience depression and bipolar disorder through community building and education. Together, the two mental health conditions affect more than 21 million Americans.

5. Fans’ responses to his efforts were particularly heartwarming.

As someone who suffers from bad chronic depression, I love what @markiplier is doing. #markiplier

— theroisinshow (@roisin)

#markiplier I’m so happy he’s supporting depression and bipolar disorder it makes me feel a lot better about mine

— ahop417 (@Aves :))

8. And during the process of fundraising, Markiplier sure racked up a lot of fan art.

Who ever made this need to make Tom with Mark! This is so cute!@markiplier #markiplier #MarkiplierLivestream ♥

— GrimmZin (@zena)

Livestream was an amazing success! So honored to be a fan of someone so awesome so I drew u! #markiplier @markiplier

— Yandere_Cutie (@Kat)

its-a-me Markio #markiplier

— DinoHowell (@Haley Marie.)

I made a little 8-Bit @markiplier Mario character from the charity live stream. #Markiplier

— WhoaBubbles (@Vicki Stein)

i hope @markiplier see’s these #markiplier x :3

— myh0lyb4lls (@♥ Queen Warfstache’â­)

13. Way to be an inspiration, Markiplier.

Hey you! Stop procrastinating and focus on the important stuff!

— markiplier (@Markiplier)


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