This Teen’s Teacher Said He Had Big Eyes…Then He Scared The Crap Out Of Her

Have you ever met someone with a strange physical ability that completely freaked you out?

I’ve always been able to bend my fingers back way farther then they should go, which has definitely grossed out my friends and family. But what this kid can do with his eyes is so much more disturbing than that. You really have to see it for yourself.

While he was at school one day, 14-year-old Ahmed Khan from Lahore, Pakistan, was touching his eye when it suddenly popped out. He thought he had damaged it, but quickly learned that he could pop the other eye out as well. Now he likes doing it for fun…by scaring his teachers.

“Once I had mastered the art of popping eyeballs at will, I was told by my friends about Guinness Book of World Records. That day it became my aim to break the record,” he said. The current record holder is a U.S. woman who can pop her eyes out of their sockets by 12 millimeters.


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All I can say to Khan is good luck…and NOPE. Be sure to SHARE this story if his freaky skills made you cringe.

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