This Soldier Watched His Pregnant Wife Get Attacked Via Web Cam. What Happened Next Will Shock You.

A husband should never have to endure knowing that his pregnant wife has been attacked. But not only did Justin Poole know his wife Rachel was attacked by a family friend… he had to WATCH it and be paralyzed by his helplessness. Justin is a deployed soldier and Rachel is his wife.

Rachel was video chatting with her husband Justin when the attack occurred. He had to helplessly watch his pregnant wife be brutally stabbed in the face and body.

The man who allegedly did the stabbing was another soldier by the name of Corey Moss. Justin called the emergency services back home so his wife could be saved and her attacker could be stopped.

Rachel survived the brutal attack. Only days after the incident, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Isabella via C-section.

Rachel has begun physical therapy and is starting to regain remnants of vision in the eyes she was stabbed in. She hasn’t been able to spend a lot of time with her baby girl, but she will soon.

People from all over the world have sent Rachel and Justin messages of love and encouragement.

“Honestly it’s such an encouragement, just to see and hear the support that is being brought to my family right now, through everything, knowing that everyone’s really come to stand behind us right now is really helpful for any kind of recovery,” Rachel Poole said.

Corey Moss remains in custody on $150,000 bail. He committed a horrendous crime based on a financial debt that Corey owed the husband and wife. He borrowed a vehicle, wrecked it and THIS was what his twisted mind came up with to avoid payment.

But thankfully, there is a very happy ending to this story. This photo says it all.

This is the moment Justin met his baby girl for the first time.

This is the last way anyone would ever want to start a family. But they made it through – Share this story with others.

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