This Really Shouldn’t Shock Me. But What This Police Officer Did Is So Unexpected.

New York City cops routinely have to deal with dangerous and potentially life-threatening crime. That can harden a lot of people’s hearts. But one cop, officer Carlos Ramos, didn’t let his stressful job destroy his heart. When he came across a homeless man freezing on the city’s streets while looking for suspicious activity near the United Nations, he did something so incredibly kind. This will give you faith in the human race.

Robert Williams was sitting on the ground in the December weather, obviously underdressed.

The NYPD Transit Bureau officer took the shirt off of his own back and gave it to the man on the ground.

The man initially refused the sweatshirt, but Officer Ramos was insistent. He didn’t want anything to happen to the man in the freezing weather.

Frostbite and hypothermia are real dangers when a person is living on the street and what this officer did for the homeless man could be life saving. The police officer taught us a very important lesson: don’t judge your fellow man. Instead, help him.


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