This Pup Was Surrendered By Her Owner, But She Broke Out And Went Looking For Him

We spend so much time with our pets that they become members of our family. That’s why when we are forced to abandon our beloved babies, it can be absolutely soul-crushing. As hard as it is for everyone involved, in some cases, giving up your cherished animal can actually be beneficial for the animal’s own well-being.

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When Ginger’s owner surrendered the two-year-old German shepherd to Apple Valley Animal Shelter, he was homeless and knew he could no longer care for his puppy princess.

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The beautiful girl didn’t know that her dad couldn’t protect her any longer. She was understandably distraught…

So, she planned her great escape to be reunited with her father. After jumping a six foot gate in her kennel, Ginger made her way through not one, but three sets of closed doors before exiting the shelter.

Ginger was rescued three days after her great escape, not far from her former owner’s old place of residence. She has since been returned to the shelter and has been given a much more secure kennel that should prevent further incidents until the sly pup can be adopted.

With Ginger’s stealthy skills, she should really consider applying to be the next canine secret agent.

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