This Post-Apocalyptic Engagement Shoot Is Totally Badass

Their love can survive anything.

1. After Chris Love and Kara Kyser got engaged at Comic Con last fall, they decided to have a little fun with their engagement photos.

Courtesy Chris Love

“We’re both geeks,” Love, 35, told BuzzFeed Life. “Kara is a gamer and cosplayer. I’m more a movie geek, I guess, and dabble in the realm of cosplay too. Between the two of us we hatched the idea of this post-apocalyptic theme — nukes, not zombies — from our mutual interests.”

2. The Kansas City couple hired photographer Joshua Hoffine to shoot their photos. Here’s how they turned out…

Joshua Hoffine / Via

“The video game series Fallout is one of my favorites,” Kyser, 25, told BuzzFeed Life. “I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a post-nuclear fallout and the resourcefulness of people surviving it.”

3. “We thought it would be fun to kind of tell this story where we got married, but then the fallout happened, but it’s OK because we managed to survive and are still rocking our wedding day attire,” she said.

Joshua Hoffine / Via

4. Hoffine photographed them at Missouri’s Belvoir Winery, which is the site of an old orphanage and nursing home and is rumored to be haunted.

Joshua Hoffine / Via

As for their attire and props, Love said the tuxedo belonged to his grandfather and the wedding dress came from his sister-in-law. They rented the guns and ammo from a shop called Have Guns, Will Rent, which he said “exists in the shadier part of KC.”

5. Love and Kyser, who will be married this September, are thrilled with how their photos turned out.

Joshua Hoffine / Via

“Probably the best pictures either of us have been in,” Love said.

6. “So many people have told us how cool it is we went with something different from the standard ‘cuddling with each other in a grassy meadow’ engagement shoot,” Kyser said.

Joshua Hoffine / Via

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