This Poor Purple Creature Was Rescued From A Tragic Life Of Pain And Torture

Meet Smurf — his body was beaten, tortured, burned, and abused…but his spirit never crumbled.

This terrified kitten (who is approximately 2 months old) was dropped off at a San Jose animal shelter in California this week.

Not only was his fur dyed purple, but his body was covered in bite marks, abrasions, burns, and other injuries.

The shelter didn’t euthanize Smurf, but instead contacted the Nine Lives Foundation.

They wanted to give this kitten a chance at happiness. The organization, which is run by veterinarian Monica Rudiger, took Smurf in quickly.

The kitten’s injuries were consistent with a violent practice: using kittens as bait for dogs trained to fight.

It’s no wonder Smurf was so frightened — he only knew a life of fear and pain.

Even though he was shaved, Smurf’s skin is still blue. It’s possible that garment dye was used on Smurf and was absorbed into his skin.

Thankfully, his spirit wasn’t completely broken and he is making every effort to recover!

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SMURF update! Today SMURF was playing with his 2 new friends, feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone who has called & visited ! This little guy will undergo surgery next week to repair the large wound on his right leg/ knee but all the other wounds are healing nicely! His little friend CHERRY shown on his left, takes good care of him! They will be going into foster care next week together!

Posted by Nine Lives Foundation on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Smurf is making a quick recovery, but it’s difficult to say how hard his journey will be. Hopefully, the people responsible for this mindless torture will be tracked down and punished for what they did to this innocent kitten.

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