This Old Couple Tragically Died In A Car Accident. But What Rescuers Found Inside Was Beautiful.

This couple was married for 68 years when they died. Floyd Nordhagen, 92, and his wife Margaret, 88, were discovered by Washington State Patrol troopers Sunday after being in a fatal accident. It is sad that they died, but just how they were found will bring you to tears: they were holding each other inside the car.

“I don’t know if they were holding hands before he passed, or if she grabbed him afterwards but it doesn’t matter,” family friend “Britches” Peden told KTVB. “They would have been holding hands if they could. So that’s the way we all want to remember them.”

Floyd and Margaret spend 68 wonderful years together.

They were deeply in love ever since the start. Floyd would often brag about how beautiful his wife was.

The couple died when an oncoming truck struck their car.

Grab onto those you love in this life. Then, never let go.



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