This Mom Made A Superhuman Sacrifice For Her Baby Boy When They Were In Danger

In Waco, Texas, a mom is being hailed a hero after what she did for her young son. When the pair was struck by a car and knocked off a bridge, she turned her body into a human cocoon and saved him from injury.

The incident took place on May 16, 2016. After a minor car accident, mother Jennifer Duncan removed her eight-month-old son, Daniel, from his car seat and stood on the side of the road to wait for police. Moments later, another car hit a nearby parked vehicle, which then hit Jennifer and Daniel, throwing them off a 30-foot bridge.

Jennifer responded by shielding Daniel with her own body. Incredibly, he had only one scratch after the long fall.

Jennifer, however, was not so lucky. Her pelvis was shattered, she suffered multiple internal injuries, and her left leg, which was severed below the knee, had to be amputated.

Doctors say it will take months or even years to rehabilitate Jennifer. She’s already had four surgeries and is expected to need more in the future. It’s estimated that her medical bills will reach over one million dollars.

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