This Little Girl Is The Only One Small Enough To Rescue Sweet Baby Ducks — Wow!

A family was out walking one day when they came across a momma duck with just one baby.

Thinking it odd to see a solo duckling, they began looking for more babies…but they were nowhere to be found! That is until they heard desperate cries for help coming from a nearby drain pipe.

Down in the depths staring back up at them were multiple ducklings trapped and clinging to life. They knew they had to help, but there was just one problem…no one had skinny enough arms to reach the little guys.

That was when they got some help, calling a friend’s daughter to the scene to save the day.


(via LittleThings)

Thanks to six-year-old Mia, all but one of the ducklings were saved. They’ll get the chance to live full and happy lives. What a wonderful little hero!

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