This Light Is Only Held Together By Zip Ties, But That’s What Makes It So Cool

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those glow-in-the-dark stars that my parents stuck to my bedroom ceiling.

It didn’t matter at all to me that the decorations were just cheap plastic. There was something magical about watching them glow as I was drifting to sleep. But after seeing this guy’s amazing creation, I realize now that I was doing it all wrong.

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Instructables user The Dutch cyclist must love looking at stars as well, because he used zip ties to put together the coolest star light that I’ve ever seen. Get ready to illuminate your room in style!

Using a protractor, he drew 12 pentagons onto medium-density fiberboard and cut out the shapes.

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Then he taped them to each other to test the fit.

Looking good!

After taking the pieces apart and taping them into a stack, he began drilling holes into them.

Then he began arranging the pentagons in the desired layout.

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He drew lines to mark where the zip ties would go.

And after cutting holes near each pencil mark, he threaded the pieces together with zip ties.

The crafter made sure everything lined up and then tightened the ties before trimming the ends.

After that, he sawed pieces of wood to match each side.

Then he glued them together to create the base.

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He drilled holes into the base to accommodate the power source.

Next, he threaded a power cord through the holes and attached a bulb holder to one end.

After screwing in a lightbulb, he secured the base with more zip ties.

Then he threaded the ends of the ties through the top of the fixture and back into the base.

All that was left was to do was tighten them.

After it was put together, he turned off the lights and let his creation shine.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

I really need to make one of these. If you’re dying to do some bedroom stargazing, you can find full instructions for the project here.

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