This Is Why Relying On Your Smartphone Too Much Is A Bad Idea…

Apple fanboys, you might want to look away. I’m going to make fun of your mistress, Siri. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with Siri, the helpful digital assistant that lives in Apple’s phones. She is supposed to be extremely helpful, but it turns out, she has quite the attitude.

I seriously hope these Siri fails aren’t an indication of the problems artificial intelligence will be giving us in a few years.

1.) Siri, you’re totally an enabler.

2.) LIES.

3.) I think you missed the point, Siri.

4.) You’d think this wouldn’t be an issue.

5.) Are you two fighting?

6.) HAHA. Siri really hates you, Eggs!

7.) Story of my life.

8.) If this was true, the Interwebs would crash.

9.) This has terrible marriage ending potential.

10.) Don’t. Make. Siri. Upset.

11.) “I cannot tell a lie.”

12.) Siri has a bit of an attitude at times.

13.) Alzheimer’s for computers?

14.) Can we sue Apple for this?

15.) HAHAHAHA. Canada fails at everything.

16.) I had this exact conversation. With a 4 year old.

17.) $$$$????

18.) Typical….

19.) No one likes a smart alec.

20.) Siri, you fail at everything.

(via Mashable)

Apple, please, please, please… give Siri an attitude adjustment in the next update. Otherwise our gambling problems will be on YOU! If you like these Apple fails, be sure to share with your friends using the buttons below. #PCsForever!

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